Life for me started in the most humble of ways. In a stucco apartment building just off of Snelling Ave near the MN fairgrounds. I’ve lived in poverty most of my childhood and lost my father at 11 to willful blindness and cancer. A powerful lesson that stays with me today. I refuse to remain idle in the presence of a threat. During my life I’ve gotten to see a world before cellphones and the hivemind we call the internet to having the whole of human knowledge in my pocket. I've watched as over the years the human element was removed from our interactions little bit by little bit. How without it people have less and less compassion for each other, becoming less connected to the reality we counted on that human element to confirm via consensus. This drove me into philosophy and history. I read the hardest I could find in hopes to see perhaps where we went wrong. I've read existentialism, the federalist papers, Nitzsche, epistemology, constitutional law and many others. Seeing our high trust society degrade over the years has been incredibly concerning and motivated me to get involved.

When the lockdowns hit I was at every protest. I didn’t believe in the overreach so I stood up in the only way I knew how. When the riots hit I stood up to looting and violence with other like minded, courageous individuals standing in harms way to keep family businesses and grocery stores in impoverished areas from being looted. It was all I knew to do. None of them were looted or burned while people were inside and the So Low grocery store stayed open and unharmed through pandemic or riot to serve their community.

I never put faith in political parties but I couldn’t watch what’s been happening and do nothing. After the drive-by on Cliff at the Emagine theater I decided if there was any chance I could make a difference I needed to go all the way. With no intention to run, merely do my part, I was heavily encouraged to run by my Senate district with no other volunteers. So again I stood up. Like so many of you I don’t feel represented at all by most in our government. While I greatly dislike politics you often must enter a machine if you’re to fix it. I seek to give my all to do what can be done to make our government representative again. 

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