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MN State Senate 52  


Why I'm Running 

This November’s theme needs to be “never forget”. Our quiet State of Minnesota has been anything but for about two solid years now. It’s easy to want to chase the “old normal” and forget about the last two years. We just can’t. We watched building after building put to the torch. Police departments told to stand down. The Emergency Powers Act was used to terrifying effect killing off small businesses in droves. Our children’s mental health quality drops like a rock. We’ve seen judges and juries publicly intimidated. Fully automatic gun fire fills the night air in NE Minneapolis weekly and sometimes daily (and not for fun on the range). All the while thanks to Minnesota law it’s cheaper to let someone rob or harm you at gunpoint than it is to defend yourself lawfully. We watch activist judges stay sentencing on violent repeat criminals and the Minnesota Freedom Fund turn our courts/holding into a revolving door so the same violent criminals can get arrested, held, released on bail and then never show up for their court date while they continue to re-offend. Parents are being targeted by the FBI of all agencies for no less than demanding accountability from their school boards.

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As Senator I will oppose all forms of state overreach from measures certain to worsen inflation to the Emergency Powers Act. I will actively maintain transparency with my constituents. I will do all in my power to make self defense in this state a reasonable option for the everyday Minnesotan. Lastly, I will do all I can to bring accountability back to our education system while we seek long term solutions.

This November, vote to put this Leviathan back into the sea. Vote for the outsiders. Vote to reduce the size and scope of our state government. Don’t vote for politicians, vote for Representatives.


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This November don’t vote for parties vote for people. Vote out career politicians who despite their years in office have yet to produce results.

Violent crime, inflation and state sprawl are running rampant. So far growth of state power has done nothing but worsened these problems. Stand up with me this November and elect someone who will do what so few are willing to do. Vote to free us of the iron grip of the state so that we can defend our families, build our businesses and brighten our future.

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